Dacron to highlight fiberfill for comforters

Dacron to highlight fiberfill for comfortersKennesaw, Ga. – Fiber manufacturer Invista will showcase its Dacron fiberfill for comforters during next week’s New York Home Fashions Market.
Dacron’s Memorelle fiberfill built on its trade-marked Smart technology to provide the sensation of luxury down in a light and hypoallergenic fiber that doesn’t bunch or slide. “Even after multiple washings, comforters with Dacron Memorelle fiber will keep their shape and their softness,” according to Invista.
The fine denier fibers of Dacron’s Dreamessence fiberfill are engineered to maintain a down-like softness with the feel of micro-denier and lasting loft after multiple washings. Dreamessence, offered at an affordable price point, is also hypoallergenic and machine-washable.
The brand’s Downessence fiberfill alternative to natural down uses millions of micro-denier fibers to mimic the feeling of down.
“Bedding products featuring Dacron fiberfill are a competitive alternative to down to meet customers’ needs,” said Curt Schultze, sales and marketing director, North America, for Invista’s Dacron fiberfill business
During market, Invista will also show other Dacron for use in pillows and mattress toppers, including: Comforel; Purestuf, the 100% virgin polyester fiberfill with no recycled content; Thermolite, known for “warmth without weight;” and Performa.

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