WSL tracks male shoppers

WSL tracks male shoppersNew York – Men spend more freely than women, rely more heavily on online product reviews and are more apt to ask a sales associate for assistance, according to new research from WSL.
“There are a number of assumptions associated with the way men shop, and the reality is that many of them are just not true,” said Wendy Liebmann, ceo of WSL. “Men are consistently more optimistic about their finances than women, which makes them more inclined to spend than their female counterparts, even in a shaky economy. What’s different about today’s man is that he is more engaged and shopping smarter than retailers may be giving him credit for.”
Just because they like to spend doesn’t mean they don’t look for deals. WSL found 63% of men actively search for sales in-store and 53% regularly use coupons. Moreover, the number of men who belong to frequent shopper programs (79%) is not far off the percentage of women who do (89%). In addition, 73% of men receive email alerts for shopping, compared to 82% of women.
More men than women will look for help from a sales associate in just about every category, including the home department, where 25% of men will flag down a store employee vs. 18% of women.

WSL president Candace Corlett said younger men are driving an “evolution in shopping behavior.” She added, “The Gen X and Millennial men grew up with significantly more places to shop and tools to choose from, and they are part of a culture that shares shopping responsibilities with their working wives. With these groups now representing more than half of the male population, brands and retailers need to make sure they know how these men shop.”

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